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"Hong Kong Tramways Limited Edition MONOPOLY" newly launched Riding on iconic Ding Ding in the game to experience tram and Hong Kong culture
Charity Raffle Ticket Co-Ambassadors “Ding Ding Cat” and “Din Dong” join hands to promote animal adoption and celebrate 100th Anniversary of The SPCA (HK)
Tram Ambassador "Ding Ding Cat" joins hands with "CAT IS CAT" to wish you Good Health Good Luck in the Year of the Ox
HKUST ISD Students Design Concepts for Future Trams
We wish you a “Meowy” Christmas Enjoy a “stayCATion” featuring the “Cat Tram House” this Winter
Ding Ding Cat WhatsApp sticker is now available Bringing us closer during social distancing
HK Tramways x Patisserie La Lune Launches Limited-Edition Lava Custard Mooncake A Mid-Autumn Encounter with the “Ding Ding Mooncake”: Savour the Delightful and Sentimental Taste of Hong Kong
HK Tramways appoints Ding Ding Cat as its first-ever Ambassador to spread anti-epidemic messages
HK Tramways x CheckCheckCin Launches Limited-Edition Osmanthus & Pear Rice Water Embark on a Nourishing Journey of Local Flavours This Early Autumn
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