Notice to Passengers

  1. Do not board or alight while the tram is in motion, or while the doors are opening or closing.
  2. Passengers should board or alight through specified doors.
  3. Do not obstruct the staircases or doorways, or stand on the staircases.
  4. Do not place any parts of the body out of the windows.
  5. Keep the tram compartments clean and do not throw litter out of the tram.
  6. Do not eat or drink inside the tram.
  7. Do not bring any animals onto the tram except guide dogs accompanying visually impaired persons.
  8. Open all upper deck windows during typhoons.
  9. Smoking on trams is strictly prohibited.
  10. Only luggage not over 7 kg in mass or 30 litre in volume is allowed on trams. Besides, no goods are allowed which in the motorman's opinion are, or will be, inconvenient to other passengers.
  11. No dangerous goods are allowed on trams.
  12. Please tender the exact fare or pay by Octopus cards or designated electronic payment methods. No change will be provided. Passengers may not collect tram fares from other passengers inside the tram.
  13. Children below the age of 12 are charged one half of the adult single fare rounded up to the nearest ten cents.
  14. Children below the age of 3, if accompanied by an adult and not occupying a seat, will be carried free of charge. No more than two children will be carried free of charge for any one adult.
  15. The scheduled tram frequency may be adjusted subject to traffic condition without prior notice to passengers.
  16. Passengers should leave the tram when the motorman advises so.

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